Different costume, Same crazy

So, it’s been awhile, I hope you missed me. Life’s been pretty good since we last spent time together, I’ve flown a whopping four trips- two four days and two one days. I was able to pick up the four day trips in the computer, and was assigned the two day off of airport alert (standby).

It’s rather ironic, when we decided to cross over, a lot of people at OA (old airline) insisted we keep them up to date on how it is here at NA (new airline). Unfortunately I’ve learned a little too late that some of them only wanted to know if things weren’t going well.

Oops. To bad, so sad. I am absolutely having a blast, making new friends, and feeding old ones on layovers. I have even found a crowd to go to karaoke with. Perhaps I should save this for another post, but please when you’re a six foot tall man, don’t forget to tuck it when you wear a leather mini skirt and thigh high boots.

But I digress. The planes are different, but I swear the airlines must do some type of psychological testing to hire the same type of people.

First we have Bitter Betty. Nothing is ever good enough, the people are not nice enough. How dare you ask me for a third cup of water!

Then we have Loud Lucy. I don’t think I have to expound on this one, but just let me say that if you’re working in coach and I’m up near first class, I really shouldn’t hear your conversation as if you were standing right next to me.

And let’s not forget Sexy Sarah. If I know whether or not you shaved when you close the overhead bins, baby you’re dress is too short.

But my absolute favorite are the men and women you meet at noon, and by one p.m. you know their entire life story, and the passengers are asking if you fly together all the time, because the two of you are having way too much fun.

The stripes may be different, but the people are the same.